APA Book Prize

American Philosophical AssociationThe Sanders Book Prize of the American Philosophical Association

The Marc Sanders Foundation is pleased to have partnered with the American Philosophical Association to award an annual prize for the best book in philosophy of mind, metaphysics, or epistemology that engages the analytic tradition. The book will be in English and must have been published in the previous five year period. For details about the nominations process and deadline see the APA Sanders Book Prize page.

The winner of the Sanders Book Prize will be selected by a five-member committee constituted by the chair of the APA’s committee on lectures, publications, and research. Books must be nominated by at least one member of the APA and all nominated authors must be members of the APA. Authors and/or publishers shall provide copies of the book for review by the selection committee (electronic copies are acceptable).

The author of the winning book will receive $7,000 from the Marc Sanders Foundation. The inaugural prize was awarded during the prize reception at the Pacific Division meeting of the APA in 2014, and after that, annually at the Eastern Division. Submissions for the 2017 prize are due by 28th February 2016.