Advancing Women in Philosophy

Networking and Mentoring Workshop
for Women Graduate Students in Philosophy

The dearth of women in philosophy can lead to many challenges for women philosophy graduate students and faculty. Women may receive inadequate mentorship or support, and, as a result, leave the profession or fail to work to their full potential. Because philosophy has so few women, losing any of them is a serious loss for the profession.

This biennial networking and mentoring workshop, “Athena in Action,” is designed to gather 35 graduate student women together with female faculty for philosophical conversation, mentoring, and academic support. The workshop is organized by Elisabeth Camp (Associate Professor of Philosophy, Rutgers University), Elizabeth Harman (Associate Professor of Philosophy and Human Values, Princeton University), and Jill North (Associate Professor of Philosophy, Cornell University).

photo of Elisabeth Camp
Elisabeth Camp
Rutgers University

photo of Elizabeth Harman
Elizabeth Harman
Princeton University

photo of Jill North
Jill North
Cornell University

The Foundation is sponsoring the workshops in conjunction with Cornell University, Rutgers University, and the Center for Human Values at Princeton University. The first workshop was held on 21-24 August 2014. The 2016 workshop took place from August 16-19 in Princeton, NJ.

Visit the Athena in Action Website for more about this program, including application information.