Sanders Seminars

SosaWe are pleased to announce that the philosophy department at the University of Texas at Austin has agreed to host the inaugural Sanders Seminar in Fall 2014. The inaugural Sanders Seminar will be led by David Sosa (pictured left), Temple Centennial Professor in the Humanities and Chair, Department of Philosophy, at UT Austin. The seminar title is “What Difference Does it Make What it’s Like?”

The idea behind the Sanders Seminars is to fund the visits of three or four of the top people in a specific research area to give presentations during a semester-long graduate seminar held in that research area. Video content from the seminar will be provided by the hosting institution for inclusion on the Foundation’s Website. The visitors supported by the Sanders Seminar Program at UT Austin in 2014 include:

The topic for the seminar is Mind and Normativity, more specifically the normative significance of phenomenology. Aside from the most central question in the area – what contribution does the phenomenal character of an experience make to the justificaory effect of that experience on any belief formed on its basis – several related issues will be discussed: does cognition have a phenomenal character and does it matter? How does the nature of pain matter in ethics? Is there something normatively amiss with a subject who judges it good (or right) to act in a certain way but feels no desire to act in that way?