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Ethics Bowl 2017 Winners

Ethics Bowl logoCongratulations to the winners of the 2017 National High School Ethics Bowl! (In order of rank:)

  1. North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, North Carolina High School Ethics Bowl 
  2. Oregon Episcopal, Oregon High School Ethics Bowl
  3. Kent Place, New Jersey High School Ethics Bowl
  4. Herron High School, Indiana High School Ethics Bowl

Additional information about the National High School Ethics Bowl can be found here.

Scott Dixon Wins Metaphysics Prize

scott 2

The Marc Sanders Foundation wishes to congratulate Scott Dixon, the 2017 winner of the Sanders Prize in Metaphysics for his paper “Plural Slot Theory”.  Scott Dixon is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Ashoka University. His paper will be published in Oxford Studies in Metaphysics.

To read an abstract of his paper, click here.

The first runner-up for the prize was Jonathan Simon, a post-doctoral associate and research fellow at NYU.  His essay, “Fragmenting the Waves”, will also be published in the next volume of Oxford Studies in Metaphysics.